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Bringing your pet to Norway

In most cases, it is possible to bring your pet to Norway. However, the costs and procedure vary depending on which country your pet comes from.

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority issues regulations for importing and exporting pets.

Start planning as early as you can. In some cases you will have to apply beforehand to bring your pet with you, and you need to submit the application 3-4 months before you arrive in Norway.


Can I bring my dog or cat to Norway?
Can I bring other pets?
How do I find a veterinarian?
What to I need to know about keeping an animal in Norway?


Bringing dogs, cats or ferrets to Norway

Dogs, cats and ferrets are in the same category when it comes to importing them to Norway. Different rules apply according to the country from which you are bringing your pet:

  • Dogs, cats and ferrets that are kept legally in Sweden may be brought to Norway having a passport and mandatory treatment of echinocooccosis
  • Dogs, cats and ferrets from EU countries other than Sweden must be identified by a microchip or a clearly readable tattoo. They must be vaccinated against rabies and must hold a pet passport. Read more
  • Dogs, cats and ferrets from listed non-EU countries must also be identified by a microchip or a clearly readable tattoo. They must be vaccinated against rabies and must hold a pet passport. In addition you need a veterinary certificate. Read more
  • Dogs, cats and ferrets from countries not listed must complete a minimum quarantine period of 4 months after arrival in Norway. The animals must be registered with the local Food Safety Authority responsible for the quarantine facilities and must also have a place reserved at the quarantine facility at least 30 days prior to entering the country. Read more
  • If you have a dog, see further information on importing dogs to Norway on the Norwegian Kennel Club website (in Norwegian)

Guinea pig Other pets

You will have to apply to the Norwegian Food Safety Authority to bring your cage birds, rabbits or other pets to Norway.


Where do I find a veterinarian?


The Yellow Pages (in Norwegian) contain a list of veterinary practices and animal clinics all over the country. Veterinary services do not receive financial support from the government and you will have to pay the full fee.



Dogs Norway – an animal-friendly country?

Many Norwegians keep a pet or have contact with animals in other ways. Awareness of the positive mental and health effects of keeping a pet is increasing. Animals are used in animal-assisted therapy and in prisons.

At the same time there are many restrictions relating to pets in place to safeguard the interests of those who are allergic or scared of animals, or simply do not like them. See useful information for all animal owners.

Most housing cooperatives (“borettslag”) allow pets as long as the animals do not disturb your neighbours. However, some housing cooperatives do not allow pets at all, while others require that you apply to the board for permission to keep a pet. You should always check to see whether any pet regulations are in place before you move in.

Countrywide leash laws (legally enforced obligation to keep dogs on a leash) apply between 1 April and 20 August. In certain public areas leash laws apply throughout the year.

Travelling with pets

On public transportation, you usually pay a reduced fare (child fare) to bring your dog, cat or other animal in a cage. Separate fares apply to airline transportation. Please note that pets are not allowed in rental cars.

If you want to bring your pet with you to a hotel, you should ask in advance if they allow pets. Some hotels will charge you an extra cleaning fee if you bring an animal. Pets are not allowed in shops and restaurants, but it is usually permitted to keep your pet by your table if you are seated outdoors.


See also:

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