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Part of moving somewhere is finding accommodation that suits your needs and budget. It is important to find a nice place to live to help you feel at home in a new environment.

Finding suitable accommodation during your stay in Norway may take time and effort on your part. Keep in mind that there are many possibilities. We advise you to start your search for housing as soon as your plans for a research stay have become definite.

Like many other European countries, Norway has seen a rise in housing prices in recent years, especially in urban areas. In addition, most Norwegians own their own houses or apartments, so Norway does not have the same rental culture as many other places. There are important variations in rental prices as shown in this rental market survey from Statistics Norway. Prices vary between Norwegian cities as well, and Oslo, like any other European capital, is expensive. You should give top priority to searching for suitable accommodation from the very start.

Like anywhere else in the world, prices depend on location. It is therefore wise to check out all the options, including renting outside of the city versus renting in a central location.

A two-pronged strategy is recommended:

  1. Contact your local EURAXESS Centre to find out if they can assist you in your search for housing and whether special housing for international researchers is available.
  2. Start investigating private housing options.

For sale and for rent advertisements can be found in newspapers and on websites. Note that the number of rooms listed in these ads does not include kitchen or bathroom(s).

Some landlords choose not to advertise apartments/houses for rent themselves, but prefer instead to respond to advertisements placed by potential tenants. You should therefore consider publishing an ad specifying your particular needs on websites and in newspapers.

Housing resources
  •   (in Norwegian.)
  •   (in Norwegian) - This website advertises smaller and cheaper housing units for rent, often with shared bathroom and kitchen facilities..
  •   - This is a website for home exchanges and rentals for academics on sabbatical leave.
  •   - Free student housing website
  •   (in Norwegian) – The Norwegian Real Estate Association provides useful information and a list of reliable real estate agents. Some real estate agents also have a list of houses and apartments for rent.

Rental prices vary throughout the country depending on location, size and standard. Electricity is normally paid separately while (centralised) heating is sometimes included. The rent must be specified in a written contract and all price regulation is linked to the national price index for the following three years.

Most landlords require a deposit of three to six months’ rent as security. Most banks require a Norwegian national identity number (also called ID Number or D Number depending on the length of your stay) to open a deposit account. If you do not yet have a Norwegian national identity number, you should ask your host institution for assistance.

For more information see:

Being a tenant in Norway

  • The Tenancy Act   provides tenants with significant protection and is a good source of information about your rights as a tenant.
  • The Norwegian State Housing Bank   , the state agency responsible for implementing Norwegian housing policy gives you information about your rights as a tenant, available housing loan options, and Norwegian housing policy.
  • Leieboerforeningen   - theTenants' Association (information in Norwegian only).

You may also consider buying your own property in Norway. Compared to other countries, many Norwegians prefer owning their own home rather than renting. Buying may even be cheaper than renting if you are staying in Norway for a longer period.

Buying and selling property is handled by real estate agents. The agents advertise houses and apartments on websites and in newspapers. A good place to start is the Norwegian Association of Real Estate Agents where you can find useful information and a list of state-approved private real estate agents.

Housing Loan

Please see the Banking page