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Departure conditions/formalities



There are many good reasons to conduct a research stay abroad. It provides the opportunity to learn new approaches, gain new perspectives and insight into new methods, and experience a different research culture. Another motivating factor may be to gain access to data and research equipment. Along the way you will meet new researchers and expand your network, perhaps launching joint projects and long-term research cooperation.

It is a good idea to plan your research stay in consultation with your research group and supervisor in Norway. Discuss various possibilities and the desired outcome of the stay, as well as how you will use your new and expanded expertise when you return to Norway. Organising a research stay abroad is an extensive process and you must budget adequate time for planning. It may take time to establish contacts with the host institution and research environment you wish to visit.
You will need to find funding for the stay and keep track of many application deadlines throughout the year. You will need to get an overview of potential grants you can apply for and their deadlines. Take a close look at the purpose of the various grant schemes. In most cases, grants have a purpose beyond just funding research stays abroad. For example, grants may be designed to promote knowledge-sharing, institutional cooperation or mobility across countries or sectors. Your chance of winning funding will be better if your project application adequately addresses the purpose of the grant.

See the page Funding opportunities for more information about funding when moving abroad

Short-term research stays are the most common. There are many practicalities that must be addressed, regardless of whether you are planning a stay of two weeks or several months.
Long-term research stays require even more extensive planning since they usually involve more preparation both when leaving and when returning.
  • What is the purpose of your research stay abroad?
  • Will you be using an established network or seeking new partners?
  • How does your expertise fit in at the host institution?
  • Discuss various possibilities with your research group and supervisor in Norway.
  • Plan how you will use your expertise when you return to Norway.
  • Start planning well in advance, at least one year prior to your departure.
  • Get an overview of funding opportunities and application deadlines.
  • Make sure that your project application adequately addresses the purpose of the grant.
  • Your research project should be planned and funding obtained well in advance of your date of departure.

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