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Check list when leaving Norway



The degree to which the items in this checklist are relevant for you will depend on where you are moving. The list is intended to provide a starting point for the kinds of things that are important to remember.


Prior to departure

  • Apply for research funding at least one year prior to departure.
  • Do you need a visa? Start by obtaining a letter of invitation from the host institution and an application form from the embassy of the relevant country.
  • Ensure that you have a valid passport. Passports must normally be valid for six months after your planned return home.
  • Apply for membership of the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme if you will be living outside Europe.
  • Apply to your local office of the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV) to continue to receive child benefit (for stays abroad of over three months).
  • Obtain proof of insurance or the European Health Insurance Card from HELFO.
  • Purchase supplementary insurance.
  • Does Norway have a tax treaty with the host country? Find out whether you are eligible to apply to the Norwegian Tax Administration for a tax exemption and a new tax deduction card.
  • Get any necessary vaccinations starting at least six months prior to departure.
  • Bring your international certificate of vaccination with you.
  • Find a home/accommodation in the host country.
  • Apply for pre-school/day-care in the host country well in advance of your stay.
  • Contact the school in the host country that you would like your child to attend.
  • Apply for a leave of absence from your child’s school or pre-school/day-care (barnehage) in Norway.
  • Resign your child’s place in the school after-care programme (SFO).
  • Apply for a leave of absence from other relevant associations or recreational activities.
  • Obtain landlord insurance (utleieforsikring) if you will be renting out your home.
  • Cancel your various subscriptions.
  • Ensure that you have a valid credit card.
  • Make a list of contact persons in Norway and the host country.
  • Notify your Norwegian employer of your planned stay abroad.
  • Report your move and change of postal address to the National Registry via the Norwegian Tax Administration.

Coming to the host country

  • Complete all registration requirements at the host institution.
  • Notify the Royal Norwegian Embassy in your host country that you will be residing there.
  • Submit your tax return, and apply for any relevant tax exemptions for year 1, if relevant.
  • If you are renting out your home in Norway, submit the form Letting etc. of real property 2012 (RF-1189) as an attachment to your tax return.
  • Check the certificate of overall pay and tax deducted from your employer for year 1.
  • Find out whether you should register your proof of insurance/European Health Insurance Card with the host institution or the local authorities.
  • Apply for pre-school/day-care and/or school.
  • Find out if your child will need a physical/certificate of medical health.

Before returning home from the host country

  • Cancel your electric and gas utilities, telephone and other subscriptions.
  • Notify your host institution of your departure.
  • Notify your child’s pre-school/day-care (barnehage), school and/or school after-care programme in Norway that you will be returning.
  • Close your bank account in the host country.
  • Get an overview of your economic situation

Returning home from the host country

  • Report your move back to Norway to the Norwegian Tax Administration/National Registry.
  • Submit your settlement form (oppgjørsskjema) to your employer.
  • Notify the payroll department at your institution that you have returned home and of your period of absence.
  • Check the certificate of pay and tax deducted from your employer for year 2.
  • Submit your tax return, and apply for any relevant tax exemptions for year 2.
  • Notify your local NAV office that you have returned home.