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Adjunct professor employed at non-Norwegian institutions


If you have an adjunct professor position at a non-Norwegian institution you will retain membership of the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme, provided your stay abroad does not exceed six months per year over two consecutive years. As long as your primary place of employment is in Norway with a Norwegian employer, you will have the same entitlements as if this were your full-time employer.

You will also be covered by contractual schemes as a result of primary affiliation with a Norwegian institution. However, insurance under the Basic Collective Agreement will not apply when you are working for your non-Norwegian employer. Check with your employer abroad to determine what kind of coverage is available and whether you will need additional coverage. Travel insurance policies normally only cover up to the first 45 days of a stay.

Important information

Contact the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV) if you have any questions regarding the National Insurance Scheme: