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Living in Norway

Important topics we think are interesting for you when moving to Norway and settling in are easily browsed in this section.

If you know which institution you will be moving to you can also:


Norwegian health policy aims to ensure that everyone, irrespective of their personal finances and where they live, has access to good health and care services of equal standard

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Working in Norway

Moving to a different country is a big decision to make, but there are many advantages to working and living in Norway as a researcher. Coming to work in Norway can be a good career move and may improve your work-life balance. This is something to take into consideration if you have to choose between different locations.

Hands-on help

The EURAXESS centres in Norway provides practical support to researchers relocating for work. If you know where you will be going contact them directly:


In Norway, public R&D funding is either allocated directly to the research institutions or channelled through funding agencies. In addition, it is the research institutions that directly advertise project-related researcher positions, including doctoral and post-doctoral positions. Read more





Leaving Norway

There are many good reasons to conduct a research stay abroad. In this section you will find relevant onfrirmation and tips.

Get help from a EURAXESS Centre to prepare your move abroad:



General information about job opportunities when moving abroad from Norway. Read more




why you should go abroad - a testimonial


Go abroad as early as you can

According to historian and associate professor, Eirinn Larsen,

those embarking on a research career should travel out into the

world as early as possible, at the master’s level if possible,

and certainly as part of a Ph.D.

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