Find out about the free services EURAXESS provides to researchers and employers. You can save time and money by using the more than 260 EURAXESS Centres around Europe to help you with a wide range of issues, including visa requirements, work regulations, taxation and social security.


Hands-on help with paperwork

EURAXESS provides practical support to researchers relocating for work. EURAXESS also helps employers save time and money by assisting new employees with their move abroad via EURAXESS Centres.

Researcher mobility can advance your researcher career. Make the move and discover the wealth of opportunities on offer both inside and outside Europe. EURAXESS Centres and EURAXESS Worldwide are on hand to provide expertise and advice to facilitate your move abroad.


why you should go abroad - a testimonial

Go abroad as early as you can
According to historian and associate professor, Eirinn Larsen,
those embarking on a research career
should travel out into the
world as early as possible,
at the master’s level if possible,
and certainly as part of a Ph.D.

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